V19 Icons ♤ pt. 1

kanda yuu (6) ❁ howard link (4) ❁ noise marie (3) ❁ allen walker (3) ❁ reever wenhamm (1)


click read more! it’s a tiny batch oh well

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aoz0ra replied to your post: If I was to make a number of icons, wo…

ICONS gosh i request for one of these charas: marie, miranda, panda-jiji, timothy or link. :D

i’ll try to do all of them!! *v* it’s really nice to be home, and since i’m browsing the series for something for my theme, i’ll cap as i go!

(thank you for the heads up on steam, by the way!! i wasn’t on my computer for a lot of that day hhh ; _;)

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KANDA’S ICONS. hum. everything you want. btw i love your tumblr. ♡ have a good day.

Oh, thank you very much! I hope you had a good day, too. ovo)/ Kanda icons, coming soon!

The Bookman is a spectator to history, and its chronicler. He records the secret history of the world and passes it on to future generations. He must not become attached or be controlled by emotion. He speaks with all kinds of people, then leaves as if nothing has happened. (x)

Um, my hand’s always been like that…

Even if I can no longer see through my left eye, I intend to continue being an Exorcist. Like my comrades, I have made that vow.